• Gil's Passions

    I'm an open source professional. I also like tea.

    Open Source, Openly

    Member of the //TODO Group of Open Source Directors

    The //TODO Group is committed to talk openly, develop openly. We believe we improve our open source programs by working together. We are a group of Open Source professionals who share information and work together to help Tech-driven Open Source programs.

    Doing Good

    President of the Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF)

    YEF brings together the talents, time, and financial resources of Yahoo employees to serve communities around the globe. To date we have issued over 1000 grants amounting over $44M to worthy causes. As president, I lead the foundation's board and advise our fund.

    Helping others

    Yahoo's Tech for Good Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

    I led an effort to improve the security of a national suicide prevention hotline website. I also sponsored application development for social causes, representing Yahoo at the White House's Champions of Change event promoting Civic Hacking and Open Government.

    Working out loud

    Champion for improving the way people work collaboratively

    I help my co-workers work together in a more open, transparent, and effective way. I've learned from Open Source communities how openness can improve effectiveness, and I bring these lessons to the workplace.

    Corporate Open Source

    Connecting Open Source corporate activity with strategy, execution

    Open Source Program Offices collaborate on open source, policy, governance, and GitHub to help developers improve successful outcomes for open source strategy. Why OSPOs are emerging, how do they work, and what does this means to the open source industry?

  • Work Experience & Education

    Open Source Program Office

    Sr. Director, 2010 - Present

    I manage policy and processes for Yahoo's Open Source and Open Standards activities and run many engineering services. Including:

    • Open Source. Managing inbound license compliance, contribution licenses, outbound code publication (over 300 projects), Github site and license compliance  for 200 mobile apps and distributed products.
    • Open Source Legal and Business Development. I support M&A due diligence, divestitures, and contract issues related to Open Source (over 50 deals).
    • Open Source Foundations. I manage the relationships with Apache, Linux, Node.JS, OpenStack foundations, as well as the //TODO Group.
    • Open Standards. I am Yahoo's contact for W3C. I manage our participation on 8 industry working groups.
    • Engineering Excellence. I run the Engineering Standards Group.
    • Technical Documentation. I manage the team responsible for publishing tech docs for internal platforms.
    • Hackdays. My team managed quarterly Hackday innovation fairs for hundreds of global engineers. 
    • Engineering Collaboration. After replacing the corporate intranet, I'm responsible for supporting engineering collaboration.

    Industry Analyst and Web Strategist

    Self Employed 2009-2010

    Provided strategic consulting and insight to clients looking to improve business results by using social computing techniques. Provided custom research about the Enterprise 2.0 (social business) marketplace, workshops, executive briefings, and consulting services.

    Industry Analyst

    2008 - 2009

    Published research for Information and Knowledge Management professionals on enterprise collaboration topics.

    • My reports earned a customer rating score 9.1 on scale of 10
    • Delivered lectures, briefings, and workshops at industry events in the US and UK for commercial and government clients
    • Research focused on emerging technology trends for leveraging collaboration technologies in business settings

    Technology Director


    Technology Director (2007-2008)

    Produced events and managed internal communities supporting strategic initiatives.

    • Increased annual programs from 18 to 24, increasing employee participation from 5,800 to over 15,000
    • Implemented social collaboration technologies within the enterprise
    • Published reports on Virtual Worlds, Collaboration, and Technology Readiness

    Director of Enterprise Architecture (1999-2006)

    Managed technology architects in 10 business units to support of shared .NET code initiative.

    • Managed internal consultancy servicing over 1000 developers, coordinating training, support, and vendor management
    • Reduced development costs by $10 million per year and measurably reduced code failures and operational costs
    • Developed an IT Governance program covering over 200 technology vendors and versions for all business units
    • Authored performance and security policies for .NET application development

    Senior Developer / Product Manager (1993-1999)

    • Rolled out a cross-divisional CRM platform
    • Product Manager for a workflow processing system that handled the processing 60,000 customer mail items per day
    • Developed imaging system used by 4000 customer service representatives



    • Data Design consulting for Michigan Department of Transportation
    • IT Strategy and Planning consulting for a military engineering client

    Knowledge Engineer


    • Developed AI learning systems for the Knowledge-Based System Competency Center in Applied Research Division
    • Saved Xerox $600 million in excess inventory over two years
    • Earned “Circle of Excellence award” granted to top 50 IT employees

    Case Western Reserve University

    BS Scholar's Artificial Intelligence

    As a member of the undergraduate scholars program (UGSP), I developed the Artificial Intelligence major for CWRU. I graduated with a scholars degree, honors cum laude.

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