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    I'm an open source professional. I love to collaborate, lead, and inspire people to work together. My roles connect to my passion for open collaboration in a technical setting to achieve amazing results.

    Corporate Open Source

    Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

    The OSPO manages the policies and processes to manage open source to achieve corporate success. I created and managed an OPSO, performed audits, established tooling, published hundred of projects, and reviewed dozens of financial deals.

    Developer Services

    Providing services to internal engineers

    My team ran the engineering standards group, tech training, the tech intranet, and tech documentation services. We managed developer events (conferences, meetups, and hack days). We also managed the tech blogs and podcasts.

    Open Source, Openly

    Member of TODOGroup, Open Source Directors

    The TODOGroup is a group of Open Source professionals committed to improving corporate open source programs. We publish guides, deliver talks, address issues, and coordinate with open source foundations to help improve the industry.

    Doing Good

    President of Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF)

    YEF brought the talents, time, and financial resources of Yahoo employees to serve communities around the globe. Over 19 years, we issued more than $44M to 800 worthy causes. As president, I led the board and guided our social responsibility efforts.

    Helping Others

    Yahoo's Tech for Good Initiative

    I led initiatives that ensured our tech was used for good. e.g. A website audit for a suicide prevention hotline, our COVID data tools and applications for social causes. I represented Yahoo at the White House's Champions of Change event.

    Public Speaking

    Guest Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, Awarded Top Writer

    I have lectured at Columbia University, New York University, and Hunter College. I delivered the keynote address at the Linux Foundation Japan conference and the Verizon Media Tech Pulse. I have published open source guides and research papers.

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